Samsung Introduces a New Phone Aimed at Students

Samsung is launching the new Galaxy J2 Pro smartphone and it is targeting students with the release.

The phone will come out in South Korea, but it should be reaching markets around the world later this year. The technology giant is hoping that the phone is going to make a big splash with parents who may want to get their kids a “distraction free” smartphone.

Smartphone Without Internet?

The concept from Samsung is an unusual one. Smartphones are designed to use the internet, with so many of the applications dependent on an internet connection. But the J2 Pro phone has no way of connecting to any internet networks. It will not work with 2G, 3G, 4G or even Wi-Fi.

It is the “internet free” smartphone. Now who would have a use for such a device?

Perfect Smartphone for Kids

Many parents would see the J2 Pro as the ideal smartphone for their kids. I know that I would love to get my kids such a phone. I am always worried about the age where I would give my child a smartphone. I know they can use the internet to download different applications, which can be a distraction when they are at school.

Even outside of school, it is tough to monitor what your kids are doing on their smartphone. I know it is something I worry about all the time. Would the J2 Pro be the answer?

Phone Specs and Uses

The phone has some decent specifications. It gives you 1.5 GB of RAM, a 1.4Ghz processor and a 2600 mAh battery that is replaceable. But the phone has very basic functions. It can only be used to call and text, since there is no internet connection.

It does have calendar, calculator and FM radio applications. There is also Diodict4, which is an electronic dictionary that is useful for learning languages and translating words. Students who are traveling abroad may be inclined to use such an application if they need some quick translations.

Smartphone Use Dominates Web Searches

It is already clear that people use their phones for more than just calling and texting. More than half the web searches on engines like Google come from smartphones.

That is why website owners must ensure their sites are optimized for web browsers on both computers and smartphones. Site owners can use New Orleans web design services by or other companies to optimize their site.

Will the J2 Pro Have a Market?

We are so used to using our smartphone for all the “smart” functions, not just as a phone. Would parents even give the J2 Pro to their kids given its limitations? We believe that with a modest price and some good marketing, Samsung could sell significant units in the coming years.

Kids who are just entering middle school would be great candidates for getting this phone. Their parents want them to have a phone for emergencies, but they do not want them using Snapchat or Facebook on the go just yet!